Malahide Allotments Project

The Foundation is now planning its’ first project to towards achieving these aims. Fifteen acres have been secured on the Malahide to Swords Road on which the Foundation will provide allotments for rehabilitation and training in horticulture and gardening as well as in other ancillary services such as maintenance and retail operations. The project, the first of its’ kind in Ireland, will provide an opportunity for individuals with epilepsy and associated disorders to improve their life skills and quality of life. It is a community project which will promote the level of understanding and recognition of epilepsy amongst the general public.

The site will consist of 300 allotments, a clubhouse facility for training as well as a recreation area. Development will begin in October and the allotments will be available from February 1st 2012. 250 plots will be rented to the general public and the remaining 50 will be used for training, rehabilitation and community involvement

Allotments for training and rehabilitation

The Epilepsy Care Foundation is delighted to announce the development of allotments in Malahide. The allotments will be on a 15 acre site provided by Mr. Mannix Smith of Malahide. When completed the allotments will provide rehabilitation and training facilities for people with neurological disorders. It is hoped that development work will begin in September and will be open for January.

If you feel you can contribute anything to the development or running of the allotments please contact us today.

More news to follow………..