The Irish Epilepsy Care Centre.

To Improve the level of Care.


Currently epilepsy care and complex epilepsy care is delivered in a somewhat haphazard fashion and is shared between:

  • Primary Care – General practice
  • Secondary Care – Hospitals without expertise in epileptology care
  • Tertiary Care – Hospitals with specific neurology and epileptology care.
  • Patients in Northern Ireland have to travel to Britain for prolonged assessment
  • Travel can be a barrier to some patients
  • There can be a lack of multidisciplinary care between clinicians
  • The number of patients means the cost of sophisticated care can be unviable

In addition the national epilepsy surgery program is based at the Epilepsy Program and Department of Neurosurgery at Beaumont Hospital. It has four video EEG monitoring beds and struggles to meet demands for its service.


The All Ireland Epilepsy Care Centre will provide:

  • Expert clinical care shared amongst clinicians throughout the island
  • Speedier and more coordinated approach to assessment of patients
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation / re-evaluation opportunities
  • Easier access to clinical services and neurological surgery
  • A more coordinated approach to caring for people with associated disorders
  • A financially viable model for the provision of expensive diagnostic equipment
  • A development facility for life skills, vocational training and epilepsy control
  • An Epilepsy Research Centre in association with academic partners
  • A long term care and respite facility

It will have the following facilities:

  • 20 full assessment beds, with capability for continuous video and video EEG monitoring and other individual test facilities.
  • 10 beds for short-term assessment, and medication adjustment.
  • 10 beds for short term respite care and management.
  • 10 beds for assisted living for longer term care and accommodation.
  • Full test facilities such as EEG, MRI, and genomic testing.
  • Outpatient and consultancy rooms including rooms for patient and family education, rooms for advanced nurse practitioner consultations, and for neuropsychological testing, counseling, and therapy.

The centre will be open to public & private patients alike.

The Irish Epilepsy Care Centre will be located in north County Dublin providing easy access to the main transport infrastructure; M1, M50, Dublin Airport, mainline train and bus services and the new Metro Link.

The centre will be located close to Beaumont Hospital where the National Epilepsy Programme and neurosurgical services are provided.

The All Ireland Epilepsy Care Centre will be located in a non residential area with easy access to the national road and rail networks. The preferred location in North County Dublin within easy access to the M1 and close to Beaumont Hospital with which it will have a close association and where the National Epilepsy Programme is currently located.